Elizabeth Coller

Hi there! I'm Elizabeth! I am a Kindergarten teacher here in California and feel like teaching is what I was created for! I teach at a Private Christian school and am a Jesus lover, devoted wife, and mother of two precious little boys. 

My husband and I have served alongside each other in ministry at our local church for the duration of our marriage (9 years whaaa?!?!) and feel SO lucky to have such a great community of people that surround us! 

In addition to those things, I also create teaching resources for teachers and sell my products on this AWESOME website called teacherspayteacher.com. You can check out my store by clicking on the 'My Shop' button above. I found TPT...or should I say TPT found me in the summer of 2016 and I have been riding it's wave ever since! I started my social media accounts that same summer and then launched my teaching YouTube channel in the summer of 2017. If you'd like to check out my YouTube channel, just CLICK HERE. 

I love living life to the fullest and if you know me in person you know that I am an extrovert at heart! I make friends with everyone I meet...the barista at Starbucks, the cashier at the grocery store, and anyone else! I'm always looking for ways to connect with people and always LOVE hearing others stories. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to connect! My email address is thekinderheartedclassroom@gmail.com.


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