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Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom

Hey there teacher friends!  I am excited to share one of my favorite classroom activities with you today.  We call it Write the Room but I know other teachers who call it Scoot.  Either way it's a fun and engaging activity that gets your students up and moving around the classroom while staying focused on the learning.

The idea is kinda like a scavenger hunt.  Students use a response sheet and search the classroom, or whatever area you choose, to find the answers to record.  I've set the activity up in the classroom, on the playground and even in the hallway.  This can be done as a whole class activity, a small group activity or an independent or partner center. The possibilities are limitless.

I worked with my teacher friend DeeDee Wills to create a full year of Write the Room activities to meet both literacy and math standards.  My students love them and beg for more!  Now that's a learning activity this teacher loves.

How Does It Work?

Before we begin the activity, I print off the write the room cards and make copies of the student response sheet.  Then I simply place the cards around the room, hallway or playground.  

Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom

When it is time for the activity, the students take their response sheet and begin looking for the cards.  Boy do they love the hunt!

When they find a card they match the number on the card to the box on the response sheet.  

Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom

They they figure out their answer and record it in the right box.  

Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom

Once we are finished, I simply collect all the cards, clip them to my master response sheet and file them away for next time.

**TEACHER TIP**  If you write "Master" on your master copy using a yellow marker or highlighter, your writing will NOT show up when you copy it!  Amazing right!  AND, if you are prone to leaving your master on the copy machine, write your name too.  Maybe a friendly staff member will stick it in your mailbox for you.  Just sayin'!

Check out how easy it is!

Introducing the Activity

Any time I use a Write the Room activity (or any activity for that manner) I make sure to review the expectations with the students.  At first, it is teaching the activity and expectations, but later in the year its really a review.  

Here's some of my classroom expectations for Write the Room:
1.  You must walk as you look for the cards.  No running, even if we are doing this activity outside.  
2.  We review the appropriate voice level for the activity (this varies depending on our location)
3.  We review the time allowed for the activity.  I like to use a timer because it helps to keep my students focused. 

Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom

We also review the skill or concept as a class.  As part of the review I will generally model one of the cards.  I walk the students through what to look for on the card, and what to write on their response sheet.  Then we begin.

When I have students that finish early, I allow those students to work with or help another student.  I call this Student Teachers and my students love helping each other.  This is also a wonderful way for me to informally assess my students understanding of a concept.  When they can teach another student, I know they've got it!

You can check out the Kindergarten Write the Room activities here!

And - I haven't forgotten you First Grade Teachers!  We have First Grade Write the Room activities too!

Both of these full year bundles include multiple literacy and math activities for each month.  You can also look at the previews to see what skills and concepts are covered each month.

Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom   Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom

Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom   Write the Room The Kinderhearted Classroom

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