How I Taught My Students to Love Writing

Writing Mega Bundle Writing and Crafts Kinderhearted Classroom

Hi teacher friend! You and I both know writing is a fundamental part of a child’s education. They will be communicating in some written form for the rest of their lives. So let's help them build a solid foundation for writing. Let’s make writing fun and engaging. Let's make them want to write! don’t just mean kinda sorta want to do it, I mean, WANT as in "PLEEEEEAAAAAZZZZZZ can I go the writing center Mrs. Coller!" Can't you just see those begging hands, big eyes and huge smiles. Wouldn't it be great to see and hear this all the time.

Creating a Love for Writing

Most students don't just naturally love to write. They love to tell stories while they run and play. So it's up to us, as teachers, to inspire them to tell their stories through writing. By making writing fun, we can engage even the most reluctant of writers.

Writing Mega Bundle Writing and Crafts Kinderhearted Classroom

Last year, this was my goal - to have a classroom full of willing and engaged writers. I know, quite a goal. And then . . .

I met my students. Doubt filled me and I wasn't so sure I could turn ALL of them into kids that loved to write. I mean, I had some rough and tumble boys that wanted nothing to do pencil and paper, and a sweet, shy girl that wouldn't speak 2 words. Then my teaching BFF talked me down and we decided we could do this TOGETHER! {Thanks Joey!} In fact, she had her own writing challenges in her class, as I'm sure you do too.  

Joey and I worked diligently throughout the year and were intentional in planning. The end result was this AH-MAY-ZING year long bundle of writing craftivities! (Craftivity [noun] - a craft based activity that engages students in learning and facilitates learning when they they think they are just having fun.) {That should totally be in a dictionary somewhere!}

Writing Mega Bundle Writing and Crafts Kinderhearted Classroom

Fun, Engaging and Easy for the Teacher!

That's how I describe these writing activities! Ready to print and go, you can have these fun and engaging activities on your lesson plans for today! Everything you need to 1) engage your writers, 2) guide them through the writing process, 3) create a fun and cute final writing worthy of displaying on a bulletin board or in the hallway, and 4) differentiate for the needs of each student is included!

Writing Mega Bundle Writing and Crafts Kinderhearted Classroom

For each month, you get:
  • 4 to 8 craft activities (38 in total for the year!) 
  • 18 themed writing prompts
  • printable writing prompt cards for centers
  • brainstorming pages to gather students’ thoughts and ideas 
  • powerpoint ready for smart boards
  • differentiated response pages
  • editable writing prompts pages, cards, and powerpoint slides
That's EVERYTHING you need for quality writing lessons, centers and more! Here's just a few of them:

Writing Mega Bundle Writing and Crafts Kinderhearted Classroom

My goal . . .

was ACCOMPLISHED! My students learned to love writing. It seemed as though a fire was lit inside of them. They begged, yes literally, to write. Oh what joy that bring to this teacher's heart. 😍

So whether you have a lofty goal like I did, or if you’re getting to the point in your school year where you’re taxed out on ideas, check out this Mega-Bundle. You won't be sorry - I promise!

Writing Mega Bundle Writing and Crafts Kinderhearted Classroom

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