Printable Anchor Charts That Save You Time and Money!

Hi Teacher Friend!  I am so happy you found your way to this blog post because I have some amazing time saving, money saving tips for you! Annnnnddddd . . . you don't have to give up an engaging lesson or student engagement.

Printable Interactive Anchor Charts The Kinderhearted Classroom

OK to get started - let's play a quick little game.  I am going to give you a word and I want you to think about the next word that comes to mind.  Are you ready?!?  Here we go . . .


So, what popped in that mind of yours?  A word?  A feeling?  Both?  Did you do a little happy dance? Did you let out a big sigh?

Here's a few words some teacher friends shared with me:

dread, time consuming, artistic, expensive, tool, colorful, engaging, ugh 😔

One friend even told me that the anchor chart prep was something that she hated doing because it was so time consuming and she knew it took away from time with her own family in the evening.

Printable Interactive Anchor Charts The Kinderhearted Classroom

I get it!  I get all of these responses (good and bad) and I've been there myself.  Let me start by saying that all of these teachers use anchor charts because they know how effective they are for our learners.  But that doesn't mean they like the process of preparing them or the cost of buying ready made charts.

Well, where did you fall in this spectrum of words?  I'm guessing you too have experienced many of these same feelings.  Not any more my friend - not any more!

So what is an anchor chart anyway?

Glad you asked!  An anchor chart is a chart used in the classroom as part of a lesson.  It gives the students a visual reminder of what was learned during a lesson.  In my classroom, we keep anchor charts posted around the room while we are working on a skill or concept.  This allows the students to refer back to the chart at any time to get that reminder of what they learned.

An interactive anchor chart allows the students to take part in the creation or application of the anchor chart.  This interactiveness builds a sense of ownership in the students and makes the chart that much more meaningful.  Your students will have hands-on memory pegs on which to anchor their learning.  And that my friend, is what this is all about!

Time Saving, Money Saving Anchor Charts!

What if I told you that you could have an amazing looking anchor chart for just a few cents, some markers and about 5 minutes of your time.  I know what you are thinking - but it's true.  You can and that is why I am so excited you found me today!

One afternoon, after a long day in kindergarten, I found myself dragging just a little as I began the daily 'preparations for tomorrow.'  I found myself focused on my 'not so positive' anchor chart feelings, so I decided to do something about it.  I decided to see if I could create a printable anchor chart.  A ready made anchor chart that I could print out and use.  One that could be used year after year.  One that would save me time.I created these Interactive Alphabet Anchor Charts the same size as most classroom posters - 18 x 24 inches.  Yes!  Goal Accomplished.

Printable Interactive Anchor Charts The Kinderhearted Classroom

"Hmmm - where am I going to print this anchor chart," I thought to myself.  (Cuz we all know that printing on multiple pages and cutting and pasting it together just completely eliminated the time saving aspect.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who has put together something in my classroom this way!)  My local drafting business to the rescue!

I started thinking outside the box and realized that these posters were about the same size as a blueprint.  I called a local drafting company that creates and prints blueprints and told them what I needed. They were happy to help me out.  For just 60 cents a page - yep $0.60 - as in less than a buck - my new anchor chart became a reality.  {Some teachers have gone the Staples or Kinkos route too.  Just know that is a little more expensive.}

Once printed, I grabbed my favorite markers and got busy.  In 5 minutes, yes - seriously, 5 minutes, I had my anchor chart ready for my students.  Printed, colored and hung on the easel, I was ready for the next morning. {This is the art easel I use in my classroom.}

Printable Interactive Anchor Charts The Kinderhearted Classroom

Here's how I use these Interactive Alphabet Anchor Charts in my classroom.

First we learn / review the letter name and sound.  We say it multiple times in different voices, we chant it and we add a motion.  Then we  review writing the letter following the path of motion on the anchor chart.  A couple of students come up and demonstrate on the chart while the rest of us do some air writing.  Last, as a class we brainstorm words that match each sound.  I write the words on sticky notes {these are my favorite} and the students come up and add them to the chart.

Printable Interactive Anchor Charts The Kinderhearted Classroom

Once done we hang the anchor chart in the classroom. We continue to refer back to the chart to review the letters, sounds, and more.  We even use these anchor charts for review games and activities throughout the year.

Even better than our whole group learning time, I see my students using the anchor charts when they are working independently.  Whether it is during writing time or a word work center, they know these charts are tools to help them.

Find out more about these interactive anchor charts in this short video:

I hope that these Interactive Alphabet Anchor Charts eliminate your anchor chart nightmares.  I hope they help you create amazing learning tools for your students.  I hope they help in saving your precious teacher time and money too.

Printable Interactive Anchor Charts The Kinderhearted Classroom

Looking for more than just the alphabet? Check out these special phonics anchor charts too!  
Printable Interactive Anchor Charts The Kinderhearted Classroom

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