Parent and Student Toolbox

Back to School already?! Wait...we aren't ready!!!

   A few weeks ago I sat down to check my emails and I noticed the annual Kindergarten school supply list in my inbox. I'm pretty sure the first thought that popped into my mind was, "Seriously?! Wait, we aren't ready!" If you are anything like me, I never quite know how to feel when I see this email...nervous, excited, surprised, anxious, a mix of all the above...ha! I typically start my summer optimistic with a bucket list of things  - teaching my son to read, reading a couple of 'self-help' books, setting some time aside to reconnect with my husband - but by the time this email hits my inbox, I feel as though I only have a few (if any) items checked off of my list.

   This year was different! Mid July I had one of those 'aha' moments as a mom and Teacher Author. I thought, "Why not create a resource for parents that helps their child transition to school!?"

   I had the privilege of teaming up with Deedee Wills to create a Parent and Student Toolbox that gives parents everything they need to establish good routines and transition their child to a school schedule.

Establish a good routine!

(Side note: I got these fun magnetic clips at the dollar store - ha! SCORE!)

Establish good behaviors with the 'clip chart' and incentive cards!

consistency, consistency, consistency...

Keep your child's brain engaged over the summer with the daily worksheets!

The toolbox comes with 80+ worksheets that cover letters, phonics, numbers, and colors. It also has a simple reading program.

Reward their accomplishments!

There are multiple incentive charts that will help keep your kiddos motivated!

You can CLICK HERE to purchase this resource!

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