Bible Themed Writing Stations

I am excited to share with you this new Bible-themed product called Bible Theme Writing Stations. I collaborated with Dee Dee Wills to bring her monthly writing work stations to the private school or home school curriculum.

The Bible Theme Writing Stations Bundle features 8 popular Bible stories including:
      Adam & Eve,
      David & Goliath,
      Jonah & the Whale,
      Joseph and the Colorful Coat,
      Noah's Ark,
      Daniel &
      the Lion's Den,
      and Jesus Loves Me.

Each Bible Story in the Bundle contains the resources for several student directed writing center activities including: Label a Picture, Write a List, Write a Story, Write a Letter, Write About It, I CAN Charts and Vocabulary Cards.

Label a Picture:  Students are directed to label the pictures correctly. Each “Label a Picture” has an edit section for students to self-check their work.

Write a List: Students will write a list on the blank template provided (featuring themed clipart) and draw a picture in the space to the left of the writing space.

Write a Story: Students will write on blank templates which are provided in vertical and horizontal views for differentiation.  There are writing pages that include a space for drawing a picture as well as without the picture box. Each template has an edit space at the bottom of each page so that students may self-check their own work, or for use in small groups. A blank booklet is also included with each theme for students to write their own story.

Write a Letter:
  Students will write on 2 blank templates included for differentiation. One template features a writing space only, and the other template features a writing space and a picture box for the student to draw in.

Write About It:  Students will write about the scene displayed in the picture provided on the blank template. There is an edit section at the bottom of each template for student's to self check their work.

I CAN Charts: These colorful “I CAN” charts detail the objective for each writing station. These may be printed, laminated, and hung in the writing center space.

Vocabulary Cards: Each theme has a set of colorful vocabulary cards with picture, and vocabulary words.  These may be clipped to twine and hung around the classroom, cut/laminated and put in a basket at the writing station, or hung on the wall. 

Dee Dee Wills included a photographic guideline for setting up the writing stations, and managing them.  The guideline provides a brief description of how she set up her centers, and provides some easy tips to use the materials in this packet and the time frame she used for the start of the school year.

Each of the Bible Theme Writing Stations support the students with their writing while still giving them the freedom to write what they want to write! This resource is perfect for differentiating your students' writing all while reviewing well-known bible stories!

For more Bible Themed resources you can visit Deanna Jump's store. Deanna and I have collaborated on a 35 week Bible Curriculum. 

For adorable Bible-themed graphics and clipart you can visit Creative Clips on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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