Back to School with a Brand New BIBLE Curriculum!


 Are you a Christian School teacher or Church Volunteer who needs a comprehensive Bible Curriculum? If so, keep reading!

It’s August! Yep, I know…already!? I’m so glad you’ve stopped by because I have some fun things to share with you! This week, I'd like to share the story behind Bible Lessons for Little Learners…After my children were born I began volunteering at my church’s nursery and Sunday School.  In addition to teaching in the Children’s Church, my own children were in the nursery and Sunday School program. You can imagine that my Sunday mornings were quite hectic between getting my munchkins ready and preparing to teach!  I really wanted to do a fabulous job at teaching Sunday School, both for my kids, and for everyone else’s little ones too, so I began thinking of ways to make the prepping process easier and as a result began creating a Bible curriculum!

Well, as is the case with lots of churches, teaching resources, and the funds to pay for them, are usually quite limited. I quickly realized that this was also true for my own church. While the lesson themes were pre-chosen every week, it seemed like every Sunday the assigned volunteer would have to figure out a way to piece together a Bible lesson for Sunday School. I was on rotation as a teacher and it wasn’t long before I knew that I didn’t want to go on trying to wing it every week---so I then made the decision to go ahead and create a Bible-based curriculum myself!
I was so excited about creating the new lessons because the project combined two of my biggest passions: teaching children and my own faith. I wanted to create a comprehensive and appealing curriculum that would be helpful to both Christian School teachers and Sunday school teachers alike.  Shortly after I began work on the new Bible curriculum, I got connected with Deanna Jump through my online store at Teachers Pay Teachers. At the time, I didn’t know that Deanna Jump was “Deanna Jump of Teachers Pay Teachers hall of fame!”  All I knew about Deanna was that she had a heart for teaching and that we both had a shared interest in creating a Bible-based Kindergarten and first grade curriculum.  It was then that we decided to collaborate on a Bible curriculum!  And now, when I think about it, I’m just so thrilled and honored to have such an experienced and innovative educator, like Deanna Jump, adding her special brand of teaching magic to this truly meaningful project!

As of this week, Deanna and I have posted the Growing Bundle, Unit 1, and Unit 2. You can check them out in Deanna's store!  More importantly, I’m excited about all of the creativity and love that has gone into creating this Bible-based teaching resource! We are very proud of the fact that it’s been designed to work wonderfully as both a Christian School curriculum AND works well in a weekly Sunday School class, that’s what’s so amazing about it! Our new Bible curriculum has two distinct lesson formats that function equally well for each of these two settings:

  • The Christian School classroom, (or homeschool class) with a format comprised of Monday through Friday lesson plans.

  • The Sunday School setting, with lessons that were created to be SUPER user-friendly, perfect for that sweet church volunteer that pops in on Sunday mornings and just needs a clever and easy-to-use resource that can be taken and run with!
Speaking of that big-hearted volunteer Sunday School teacher, we’ve even included a printer-friendly black and white version of all of the lessons. This set will save tons on printing & copying costs for those hard-working (and often ancient!) church copy machines too!
Deanna and I are very proud of the comprehensive ‘all-in-one’ style of this new Bible curriculum! It has 9 units totaling 35 lessons in all. What we love most is that each one of the units includes everything you’ll need to make teaching a breeze.  Each lesson has lots of kid-friendly engaging components! It’s been created in a way that will make the little ones eager and excited to learn more Bible lessons each week!

Let’s take a look at how it’s set up:

  • Each units starts off with a Table of Contents and a Bible verse for the week
  • Next comes a Bible story passage based on the most well-known (and well loved!) stories and parables from the Bible
  • Vivid story illustration cards. While the Bible stories are being read & discussed we’ve included adorable pictures related to the story that are perfect to display in a pocket chart. This helps kids understand the story and it’s sequence of events on a deeper level
  • Tons of included supplemental (and fun!) activities designed to provide hours of learning fun for the little ones
  • Each Bible story comes with a hands-on activity, a craft,
a memory-match game, and even a coloring page
  • Supplemental learning tools, including a dedicated Google Drive folder with even more resources & activities
  • Adorable songs that coordinate with, and help students remember, the Bible stories and Bible memory verses
  • Lesson embedded links to Bible-teaching videos
  • Interactive notebooks too! (kids love these!)

   Another one of the most engaging activities that comes with each lesson is the set of character headbands. In a small group setting, students wear the headbands and create their own innovative reenactments of the Bible stories stories that relate to that particular character. As you can imagine, this provides for some lively lessons, learning, and laughter as well! The character headbands also give students a chance to review and discuss the Bible stories that have been covered so far, providing a cumulative review of complex material in a memorable and interactive way.
With a love of learning and heart for the Bible, we’ve tried to include learning tools and elements in this comprehensive curriculum that we’d be excited to use ourselves. One of the new Bible curriculum’s elements that we (and the kids) love is the hands-on learning that takes place while using our interactive notebooks. Those little learning gems provide an opportunity for students to connect with the Bible stories on a deeper level, as they cut and paste story parts and put them in the correct sequential order.  The interactive notebooks contain resources for all of the stories in the entire curriculum and kids love working on these! The finished product is something that students, teachers, and parents can be proud of! Speaking of parents, we’ve also come up with a “Parent Take-Home Sheet” that relates to each Bible story and lesson. The parent take-home sheets give parents and students a way to connect over the Bible lesson that was learned.  Also, it enables parents to explain their own views, memories, and thoughts about each particular Bible story with their children.

If you’re in need of a new Bible curriculum, whether it’s for yourself as a Christian schoolteacher, or you know of a Sunday School volunteer who could really use some help, Deanna and I hope that you’ll take a few moments to check out this exciting and heartfelt resource of ours. We’re so proud of this comprehensive Bible curriculum! It truly was created out of a genuine calling to inspire little hearts and little minds each and every day!

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